Learning to Learn

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Garrett Fox and Kevin Sanchez are back for another discussion about how to reverse the effects of institutions whose primary function (regardless of the whether or not the individuals inside know it or not) is to indoctrinate. They talk aboutMichael Dean’s Search Engine Optimization Guide, how exciting the Alexa toolbar is, the Dolphin Browser HD and Alexa plug-in. Near future… Read more »

A Talk With Ademo About Liberty

A special in-between cast. Garrett is joined by Ademo Freeman of CopBlock.org to discuss his wiretapping charges his fund raiser and NeverTakeAPlea.org. This conversation is completely “off the cuff” despite the music from Rebel Inc. Please share this interview with your friends so that more light can be shed on the injustice that comes from the so called “Justice System”.

The Gifted Child

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Garrett and Kevin have a light and fun discussion about the latest changes with The Disindoctrination Podcast and their new Amazon Portal. Some more resources for alternative learning from places like The Mises Institute, LewRockwell.com,The School Sucks Project, Center For a Stateless Society, and Free Domain Radio. How networking with other podcasts and organizations like Freedom Feens, The Liberty Radio… Read more »

Jeremiah Speaks on Masculinity and Finding One’s Self

Garrett interviews good friend and fellow activist Jeremiah Prevatte on his recent and future work with the ManKind Project. A network of men who are redefining mature masculinity for the 21st Century. Speaking out about violence in early life and overcoming fears, Jeremiah easily dissolves the legitimacy of coercion. He also speaks highly of one of Stefan Molyneux’s free books… Read more »

Books, Beer and Innovation

Kevin and Garrett go over some of their previous misconceptions on monetizing the website. Reflections on last weekends interviews. How they got into activism and the philosophy of liberty. Nathan Cox and Adam Kokesh’s event “Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops.” Traveling on military bases and Kevin’s previous experience in the Marines. Drinking beer from Fixx Brewing in… Read more »